There’s a saying in the EE Department at IIT Madras:

Survive 4th Sem, and you can survive anything in life.

4th Sem is one of the toughest sem in the Elec department - if not the toughest. Students have to do 60 credits, all mandated by the curriculum - which means no electives!!

This sem introduces the UGs to various sub-fields in the department - Power/Machines, Semiconductors, Analog Design, Signal Processing (although there was a course in our second sem, it wasn’t that much of an intro to signal processing.)

There are 3 Labs !! Each more daunting than the other.

  • Analog Lab: is the toughest of them all - requiring you to spend at least 2 hrs before the lab to do some simulations of the circuits we are going to build in the lab. Also the most frustrating of all - you don’t know what is wrong with your circuit and it won’t work for some stupid reason like “drops in the ground voltage”.
  • Applied Programming Lab: My favorite of them all - learning Scientific Python is what we get to do!! The assignments are super-chill and there are a lot of good seniors on GitHub xD. The one major source of frustration is the report we have to write - apparently we have to write whatever we understood from the assignment. Damn… That takes me at least 20 pages to explain it correctly. And did I mention we have to do this in \(\LaTeX\) ?! I mean \(\LaTeX\) is professional and stuff, but sometimes those tables just take me 2 hours to get them right. But the joy on seeing your finished report - damn worth it to go through that trouble.
  • Machines Lab: though the lab is peaceful and not time-consuming, the problems lie in “What to do in the experiment?

Apart from the labs, there’s just so much work with PSets in each course and having all the afteroons except Wednesday filled with class/lab. There’s no free time at all!

Memes shall describe the sem so far.