So… this “blog” was dead for about 3 or so months, thanks to elec 3rd sem xD. You may have noticed that I have changed how to website looks - thanks to Matt Harzewski for his Solar theme.

I’ve decided to revive the blog by putting up weekly updates on my life. (Speaking of weekly updates, check out this awesome FB page - Daily updates on the status of the Roman Empire). Why, you ask?

Initially, when I started this website/blog, I wanted it to be a one-shot place in the internet for people to know about me. I thought of making it a tech-oriented blog (inspired by my college senior Rajat’s Blog, but I couldn’t find time to do so. Now that the semester’s over, I’m relatively free and I’ve started to work on something that I find very interesting - blog post coming soon!

Also, I’ve decided to not make it a purely technical or a purely “personal journey/my life” kinda blog. It’ll be a mix of both. I’ll try to maintain a balance between the two.

Over and out.